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cool title amirite 
an excuse to bury the previous journal entry deep in

Anyways, ITS V LATE TO SAY THIS but like I said back at 2016 that I am going to retake my o's and stuffs so things happens and 75% worked my arse off.
well so in the early jan this year we got our results, impressively I passed all of my subjects 8D, and mid 2016 i also desperately tried to get in eae (aka once known as dpa), which i was accepted in so good for me u_u
im laughign because i thought im going to fail combined humanities bc thats the worst performance compared to the other papers ive done but i got myself a b4 and im like??/???omg

tl;dr i finally got into polytechnic

anyways, p slow on art here, i'm like,, slowly,,, trying to get my feet back on art again LOL bUTTTt (LOOKS AT THE GAMES IM PLAYING) 
also, i don't really post most of my art here , but on tumblr and twitter which probably has way more art than my deviantart. if you miss me 8D or something idk. i usually and only post proper art here (or at least it looked good enough to slap it here) and which is what im lacking of rn bc i love doodling for my sorry lazy arse but yeah :^]


Tagged by :iconkcici: !
Tag 8 people you want to know better. (nah man)

Name: kyourinu (aka kyou for short ofc)

Starsign: Libra,,, feel the balance

Average hours of sleep: 6~8 hours I guess idk it could be worse

Lucky number: (whats lucky numbers, this is the, "Numbers I probably like") 3, 6 and 9. not sure, but its there. also i hate the number 4

Last thing I googled:
 (checks phone) (sweats @ all these ffxiv searches) "riviera bench ffxiv" i was trying to decorate my apt at 3am okay.

When I started this account: "Deviant since Sep 23, 2013" time passes by fast

Amount of watchers: 546! honestly what is this question even for. i'm happy that people and artists like my works, it makes me a nice, soft kyou uwu

What do I post: art and pain

Do I run any more blogs: soslow-kun @ tumblr! this is my artblog and its way active than here. 

Do I get a lot of comments: occasionally, or sometimes, i don't mind, but it's nice to get comments and compliments!

Why did I choose this username: 
back in the dnt room, she opens her sketchbook and randomly wrote names she wanted for her dA account. it was random, she wanted the name "kyou" . she had no idea what more to add on to that. so for some reason, rinu appeared. kyou-rinu is born.

im tagging hatsu-ne because you're like the only one i know active here so do it. also dminky because u gei
I have actually found how to use this LMAO ITS ACTUALLY NICER THAN USING A JOURNAL, DANG. I'll use this more than journals for random updates or stupid things next time!


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djoghurt Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
DAMN your art is absolutely fcking gorgeous!!! i'm lov
SceneMuffin Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I love your art so much I cant wait for you to open your commissions again ; w;
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PastelvSnow Featured By Owner May 1, 2017
absolutely stunning artwork! your shading appeals to me so much wahhh ;w;
do you take commissions?
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Nommyo Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
aaaaaaa your art is so yum //7///hhh
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RaraLiMin Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
gal which ffxiv server are u in 
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